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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 9:28 AM
Please go an watch this!

This is the new video from my band Ball of Mayhem.  Produced by Director David Hall and the Media Company it's going to accompany the single which is also available to buy via our Reverbnation site (…

We shot the video a few weeks ago and had the premier last night before it was unleashed onto the general public.  This is the first time we've had a video like this made so it was great to work with a pro film crew and all of the accoutrements that go with that such as camera dollies and tracking rigs.  It also meant a long day of playing the same song over and over to get all the different angles covered but I'm sure everyone agrees with me that it was totally worth it.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the video for "Obliteration Imminent" by Ball of Mayhem…

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More Photos, More Metal

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 30, 2011, 1:50 AM
I really am good at not spamming people with photos and journals.  So much so that you must think that I keep disappearing off the face of the planet.

I briefly mentioned in my last journal that the stuff with the band was going well, and also about the Sofia Talvik project.  so a further update, In June we were given the opportunity to open for Anvil at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.  The gig was amazing(packed to the rafters) and we got to hang out with Lips and Robb from Anvil after the show(and I didn't act like a fanboy).
Based on that performance the Academy promoters put us in a little competition they were having and we aced the first round.
The final came along ON THE MAINSTAGE of the academy and lo and behold we had sold the most tickets in advance and so were given the honour of Headlining the final.  As it happens we came 4th overall but I'm writing that off as Strategic Voting by the other bands' supporters.
Didn't matter to me that we didn't win as just being up on that stage was enough of a prize for me.

You may have noticed some photos have appeared in my gallery.  Do Not Adjust your Internet, this is not a test.  My cousin from Leicester came to stay with me last weekend for a visit/camera lesson and so we went for a drive up the North-East coastline.  We aimed to get to Bamburgh for sunset and we did just this.  A slight positioning miscalculation meant that the sun was going down behind us but it was good practice with the cameras all the same.  The lesson was mainly in using filters and long exposure anyway so it's all good.

That's enough from me though.  next Journal will be in 2012 probably.

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Haha, A Journal, How Novel

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 10:34 AM
Well it's not been a year since my last journal entry on here but it might as well have been.

What have I been up to:  TOOOOO MUCH! That's what.
The only time I've used my camera it's been for promo materials for the Newcastle Roller Girls and so nothing I'd really use on here (most of it had loads of photoshopping done or was passed across to a designer to make into a poster).

The band has gone mental and we have been recording and gigging like no-ones business.  We started the year by being propositioned by a Swedish Folk Singer called Sofia Talvik (check her out she's amazing  The gist of this project was to take her latest E.P. and make it metal. Not just make it heavy but totally re-arrange it. We did and it was released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and the like.  Go have a listen and buy it if you like it.

We're back in the studio now recording our own stuff which is why I had the chance to take some photos the other day.

Anyways, enough of the excuses, I'm back and I intend to post more stuff more often.  Promise.

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I Haven't Forgotten About You!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 6, 2010, 5:22 AM
Hallo there watchers,

I've been very quiet on here of late due to a number of factors. The main one being that I've been super busy with other aspects of life/work.

Roller Derby has saved my soul and wrecked my knees...
I've been heavily involved with the Newcastle Roller Girls as a referee and announcer and it's while training for the former that I keep falling over and smashing my knees.  Not good when I want to be going out walking with my camera.

I have been taking photos but just not uploading them to dA.  This is probably due to a massive amount of laziness on my part as for some reason I can't upload pics from my PC anymore and so once I've developed them I have to transfer them to my laptop and upload them from there.  I'll hopefully have something to upload on here in the next few days as I did a fun photoshoot
with my brother last night for a top secret project.  I'll be able to reveal more about this when I upload the photo as the secret will be out by then.

A while ago I set myself a bunch of challenges over a month and one of these was to try and :+fav: 1 deviation per day for a month.  I actually did this but didn't get round to putting a journal out. The pics I faved are all at the bottom of this journal.  There were some other challenges but they fell by the wayside with dying laptops and more expensively dying cars...

My Internet has also been fairly unreliable lately so if I haven't said thanks for a :+fav: or a :+devwatch: I will get round to it when my connection behaves itself.

Anyway onto some Features
These are all deviations that caught my eye for one reason or another.  Some of them I found by searching on certain themes and some just happened to jump out at me when I was browsing through randomly.  Enjoy, and if you see something you like give it a fav and a nice comment.

Circulation by lordceleborn Porcelain Vase by my-bohemian-spirit :thumb98862757:Fragile by anderskirkegaardGotham San Diego by ZalmeroSk8 3 by menteslibresArizona Dream I by MamotteThe Midnight Crime by N1ghtf4ll3r:thumb169325921:Old Style by PapaNinja3682b Beautiful Nude Woman with Black Rose Tattoo by artonlineLast Song by ElenaKalisTexture Nature by severianofilhoFaux hawk by BasistkaOn the Attack by Good-e-nufCloser. by margerittaWarm Rocks by CainPascoeNothing beats a lion by LioniqueWhiskered Tern by phonalysGiraffa camelopardalis angolen by yunaayames i l e n t by AndieMakkawaruTempest by Christian1776Spider by anderskirkegaardSketchbook 11 by mattridgwayPuffin by ClaudeG:thumb165129587:Lake Tekapo New Zealand by ShaniTaraTyne Approach by errant1977Mirrored decay by bubus666Rob Zombie by AlleycatsgardenEarly one morning by R3D777Shadowed Love by LyDeeaBeautiful Girl 002 by badchessHot Rod by nahojsennah:thumb166328635:Fire Dance by aiyoshiThe German Has Fabulous Eyes by ChewedKandi


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Misphire Magazine

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 9, 2010, 1:56 PM
Hey there folks,

N1ghtf4ll3r, Calypso8888 and I have started writing a web based photography magazine and issue 1 is out now misphirephotography.wordpress.… reason we are building this is to learn new things and to pass on any hints and tips we find as well as featuring new talented artists.  At the moment we are writing this ourselves but we would love contributions, ideas and feedback from others.

If you want to contribute or feedback please drop an email to

Issue 2 will be out at the beginning of September.

We also have a Facebook page!


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Minor Rant and June Challenge Progess

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 12, 2010, 7:45 AM
Many Gratz!
A huge congratz go out to mishmishmash as she has just given birth. Stop by and give some dA love to mish and Baby Ethan Charles. :hug:

Minor Rant
Ok, I'm going to get this out of the way now.  I've just been out for a nice long walk around one of my favourite places (Big Water Nature Reserve) and several things have annoyed me slightly.
1. People with Dogs.  I know that a nature reserve is a nice place to take your dog for a walk but please please please control them.  The number of dogs I saw today that were running through the undergrowth or diving in the water was ridiculous.  This is fair enough in a normal park but in a nature reserve there will be lots of wildlife that will be disturbed by your hound crashing through its habitat.  At big water there are lots of nesting birds, many of which are waterfowl such as moorhens and dogs diving in the reed beds chases them away from the nest.
2. Rutting couples. As I approached one of the public stands (where there used to be a hide before some chavas decided to torch it) I could see that there were some people already standing there (and why not, its a great view across the water). However when I actually got there I could see a lovely degenerate couple of mutants who had decided this would be the perfect place to have a fumble.  Not to be deterred I just propped myself against the railing next to them and got on with my photography.  It's quite amusing watching people shift uncomfortably as they are stuck in the middle of an 'embrace'.

Other than the above I had a great day just having a wander round.  There were some great moments where I managed to get lucky and be in the right place at the right time.  I have a bunch of photos to process and you should see some nice pics appearing soon.  I also have to identify some of the birds that I've seen today.

June Challenge Progress
Well I'm still keeping on top of my :+fav: a day and I have been out with my camera as noted above. ChewedKandi will not be happy though as I still havent done my homework, but only because Ive broken my copy of Ai on my laptop and I need to reinstall it. I'm probably going to wait to do that as hopefully next Friday I might be getting a new laptop.

Lauinavs Model Kombat Compo
Ok, Lauinav is staging a knockout competition for anyone out there who can build/paint models.  He is trying to get 16 people to kick it off so if you like building and painting models and you want to pit your skills against others then give him a visit and check out his journals for the rules and sign up.

Sorry for the length,

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My June Challenges

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 5:44 AM
O.k. so we're into another new month in 2010 and I'm now setting myself some challenges to try and motivate myself to be more active on here and in general.

Challenge 1 - A :+fav: a Day
I aim to add at least 1 new :+fav: a day throughout June.  I'm not going to stick to any one medium or category on dA and I'm not going to add a fav just because I have to.  The deviation I pick will still have to make me say "wow!" (or something similar). At the end of June I'll do a journal featuring each of the 30 new favs for June.

Challenge 2 - Camera Not So Obscura
I will use my camera at least once a week in June.  This may be getting out for a walk somewhere local, working out a time with Wheels-Of-Joy when we can head up to the Farne Islands and see the Puffins (I think this may have to be in the next 2 weeks though), or setting up some still life/concepty style stuff in and around the house.

Challenge 3 - What's Your Vector Victor?
the lovely ChewedKandi has been giving me some tuition on the art of Vectoring and has set me some basic homework tasks (as I tried to dive in headlong with a complex piece and have basically made a giant ass of it).  I am going to find the time to sit and follow Shars advice and tasks to get better acquainted with my tablet and with the various bits of Ai (Mainly overcoming my absolute remtardation when it comes to using the pentool).

What's been Happening Lately Then?
been full of busy recently with several non-dA related things all cropping up in the same amount of time.

My Band got through to and came 2nd in a Battle of the Bands competition.  We only lost by 1 vote which is a bit gutting but it's nice to know that we at least got that far.

I have been offered some more Stand up gigs and I am waiting for some dates. I will post something on here when I get the dates and anyone in the Newcastle area who isnt easily offended is welcome to come along.

I have become involved in the awesome sport of Roller Derby.  It's a mainly female sport but us blokes get to partake as referees, officials or as I have been as Announcers.  I got to announce/commentate on an entire weekends tournament in Aberdeen and I am now properly hooked.  I have all my skating gear ready for my first practice with the Newcastle Roller Girls team tonight and as long as I don't break anything I reckon it will be Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

That's all for now,


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I Can Haz Stand Up Comedy!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 14, 2010, 1:07 AM
Well last night I had my debut as a stand up comedian at the Dog and Parrots "Long Live Comedy" night in Newcastle. I was on 2nd last so I had to watch some really funny guys getting big laughs before I got up.

As soon as I got on stage any nerves I had disappeared and I rattled through my set (chucking in some improvised stuff at the end to make up the time) to a great crowd response.  I will definitely be doing it again.

Hopefully I'll be getting a proper review on their website soon!

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Snazzy-Snaps Competition Time

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 9, 2010, 3:13 PM
Hey People!

Guess What?  There's a new competition on the block...  We at :iconsnazzy-snaps: have launched a new monthly competition as a way to get the creative juices flowing. Each month we will be choosing a concept for our members to work with.  This months concept is "Red".

There will be prizes along the way mainly in the form of features but you never know when something bigger and better will pop up.

Anyway, Get yourselves along and if you aren't already a member join us, or chuck us a watch if you just want to take part in the monthly voting.

So there you go... Get your cameras out and think RED!

Cheers for now,


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You Are All Cordially Invited...

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2010, 2:52 PM
Ok first off, Wheels-Of-Joy and I started a group a little while ago with the express aim of collecting together some good photography. The group is :iconsnazzy-snaps: and we would like to extend an invitation to anyone out there with a camera and an eye for good photos. We will be starting some interesting little competitions to help inspire our members and so we thought we'd try and get a few more before we start them.  If you want to join come along and we will accept you.  How friendly is that?

Go Go Roller Girl, Look at That Girl Go!
So the other weekend I went up to Edinburgh and Glasgow for my first ever Roller Derby matches, and I have to say it's an amazing sport!  And not just because it's a load of young ladies wearing very little skating round pushing each other over,  because it's so exciting.  I took my camera along with me and took a bunch of photos on the Saturday but ended up just being enthralled by the bout on the Sunday.  Anyway, if you've never seen it before I urge you to check it out on Youtube or find your local roller girls and support them.
I've posted a couple of the shots I got here and I have a bunch on my camera that I havent sorted yet.  I'll hopefully get those looked at some point this week.

I has Banjo!
Yup I got drunk and convinced myself that what I really needed in my life was a banjo. I bought one and I'm now learning to play it...



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Hmmm not been very active lately...

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 7:18 AM
Ok so Im doing this journal mainly as I keep seeing the one from boxing day on my frontpage and it just reminds me that I've done very little recently.

There have been a number of reasons for this of which I won't bore you with but just know that I havent forgotten about my camera or my dA chums( and ChewedKandi :P ).

I had a trip planned yesterday with some of the people from work but when I woke up at 6am I felt awful (damn Rhinovirus style coldness) and so sacked off meeting on Roker Beach for a sunrise.  As it happens it was too foggy the guys didnt get many pictures. I did meet them at the North East Aircraft Museum which is a great museum but isnt great for photos.  I did take some but the bad lighting inside and outside scuppered any chances of getting something decent.

I have expanded my camera ensemble recently by buying a Sigma Super Wide 24mm lens.  Not had a proper chance to play with it yet though.

Next weekend I'm off up to Scotland with Stiffanoid  to visit Pontoon78 and so the camera will be going with me.  I'm hoping to get some good snaps of some Roller Derby matches, and of course lovely Scottish scenery.  Stay tuned for that.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone that sent me favs recently (I'm sure I messaged everyone to say thanks but better be on the safe side) and also a massive HELLO! :wave: to any new watchers I have accumulated.

Other Stuff...

Well since my last journal I have bought a banjo and I'm learning to be a hillbilly and I've also decided to try my hand at some standup comedy.  I have written a load of material and I'm just waiting to hear back about when my debut gig will be...

Till next time,

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Almost New Year...

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 29, 2009, 9:04 AM
Well Merry Xmas everyone!

Xmas was quiet and on Boxing day I got up early and N1ghtf4ll3r and I headed down the coast to Marsden.  It was fairly crisp and a little slippy but an amazing morning for a sunrise. We spent several hours wandering around looking for good places to set up and hopefully we both got some decent shots from it.  I've just uploaded some of mine so decide for yourselves.

I've also been playing about with some experimental stuff (photomanip style photos in photoshop) and also playing with some staged scenario shoots (starting with the Poker game stuff).  Some of this is also in my gallery.  N1ghtf4ll3r also got a couple of shots set up so we may see some more of his stuff soon

Here's one already submitted Just Saying Hello by N1ghtf4ll3r

I've also decided to set up another deviant profile for myself to show off some of the various miniatures that I've built, painted and converted over the years and which I am still producing.  If you're interested in that sort of thing check out Inquisitor-Dagon and I'll be uploading some stuff very shortly.

Anyways...  Here's a comedy photomanip I put together to wish you all good cheer in this festive time!

Merry Xmas dA and NE-UK by svendo

Enjoy the rest of 2009


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Night - check, camera - check, no rain - check!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 10, 2009, 4:18 PM
N1ghtf4ll3r and I went out again tonight for lowlight/night photography take 2 and this time there was no rain... It was however a bit cold but I has prepared properly with some nice warm clothing.  Marcus however didnt.

had a play about with getting some long exposures in street lights conditions and then spent some time taking pics from a footbridge over the central motorway.

I bought a big batch of Cokin A filters from ebay a while back and in the lot there was a load of weird filters which I had read described as "cheesy", but being one who likes to experiment I took them out anyway.  I played with a star 8 filter tonight and I can see it is interesting, in fact, I like it!

I put a couple of the "Motorway" series up already but theres a couple of collaborations that we did that I will process and put up later.

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Great British Weather

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 11:23 AM
The place where I work has a camera club and I always mean to go out on their monthly outings but due to other commitments I can never make it.  Until this month.

The plan was to head out to the coast and capture some nice wintery sunrise pics.  Cue 6 a.m. on Saturday when I left the house in a blanket of freezing fog.  Got to Tynemouth for 7 and visibility was low.  Landscapes were out of the question so we all wandered about looking for other stuff to shoot (while freezing).  Not taking gloves was a mistake (which Im going to remedy by buying some cheap winter gloves and lopping a finger off to make some trigger gloves :D).  About 7:45 the fog cleared enough to start some landscapes.

Unfortunately for me I had to leave shortly after that so I couldnt go with the chaps on the rest of the outing.

Anyway there's a bunch of new pics in my gallery for you to look at and critique (go on,  you know you want to leave comments! Good or bad as long as they're constructive, I don't mind).

In Other News
I got myself some new wheels (I say new I mean older but different...) I picked up an old Diesel Peugeot 406 estate which I desperately need for shifting band equipment about.  I have nicknamed it "The Sherman" due to it's tanklike properties.  I did buy an awesome new sound system for it but wasnt told by the shop where I bought it that I would need a wiring adapter so I have to wait to plumb it in.
The band have started practicing again at a new studio and I am going to start pimping my camera out to bands for photo shoots (Along with N1ghtf4ll3r under the guise of MisPhire photography. Hopefully you'll see some photos from shoots appearing soon.

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Wow - it's been a while...

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2009, 9:47 AM
I figured I might as well chuck a journal out to say "hello, I aint dead".

Haven't been very productive at all with my camera of late but I've had my reasons.

Been trying to buy a car for myself and so driving round looking at second handers all over the place has been a bit time consuming, not to mention the fact that the clutch died on my current car a couple of weeks ago meaning I now have to join the rest of the world on public transport.  This morning I almost beat a guy to death with a rolled up Metro as he kept smashing me in the kneecaps with his briefcase everytime the bus moved.   That and the fact that I have to get a bus into Newcastle and then a bus back the way I came just to get to work.

I did however go to the Whitby Goth Weekend.  It was officially Aces!
I took my camera with me to Whitby but decided on the day that I would leave it behind in the cottage we had as I thought we would be out all day and then going clubbing after.  We didnt...  Anyhow, Great time was had and next year I am determined to make more of an effort in both costumery and Cameraness.

Well my web based project has been on hold for a little while as I haven't made the effort to get out and collect the necessary data and Marcus has been busy swotting up on some other stuff.  It will get back on track soon though.

I should be going out with a camera club at work soon for a morning photography on the coast somewhere, which is nice.

My mate is trying to hook me up with a day or so with an RAF photographer getting some hints and tips, which will be phenomenal if it happens!

I'm quickly approaching the 2000 views mark.  I'll do a massive big feature for the person who gets it and maybe some smaller bits for the people that are close.  Normal stuff message me with a screeny to prove you nailed it.

Anyways thats it from me for now. Hopefully I'll have something for you to look at soon.

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Early Start - Late Finish

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 10, 2009, 8:57 AM
Well today myself and Stiffanoid awoke at around 04:30 and set off up the road to Bamburgh Castle to try and catch a sunrise there.
We got there just before 6 and it was pitch black.  Sunrise was meant to be 6:26 and so in the dark we slid down the rocks and set up the cameras.
A thick blanket of fog was rolling in and the sky wasnt really getting lighter as time moved on.  About 7 we started getting some photos taken and then the gang of about 20 other photographers turned up and set up in front of us!
we perservered and took some more photos but then decided to move down the coast a bit. We had been on the North side of Bamburgh Castle so we shifted to the beach to the South and then moved down to Craster(at this point we were just driving while I spotted placenames that I hadnt been to in some time).
Craster meant the purchase of some kippers (for my Dad) and a pot of prawns to act as my brekkie... MMMMM Prawns.

Next stop Beadnell for a wander round the harbour and then home.
That is the early start out of the way, now to get ready for a night of poker with the chaps. Oh Well sleep when I'm dead and so forth.

Got some features I need to do for Wheels-Of-Joys Wonder of Nature contest

Since I've been a bit lax in journaling I'll do the second and third place features now here

In second place blacklavaPRINTS

:thumb136932215: Musique de Beaute by blacklavaPRINTS

And in Third Place madshelgi

Sunset in Kirkjubo II by madshelgi Soltuvik revisited by madshelgi HDR Torshavn by madshelgi

Thats all for now!

See you soon!


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Contest features part 1.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2009, 5:16 AM
Ok a while ago I offered some journal features as prizes to Wheels-Of-Joy for her "wonder of nature" contest.
I have 3 to do so I'm going to do 1 a week so as not to swamp you with features which may detract from each individual artist.

First The Winner!

Well Done to theon07 who took first place with Waterfall Detail by theon07
A well deserved win for a stunning picture.

Some of my favourite pieces from the gallery of theon07

Summer Grows by theon07 Burgess Falls by theon07 :thumb133274787: :thumb102969990: :thumb104417447:

There are quite a few pictures in the gallery that could have fit into the category, and I know that the last one I've featured has nowt to do with nature but lets face it vipers ARE cool :D

A couple of features for Shar
My last journal indicated my 1000th visit. I accidentally caught my own but ChewedKandi got 1001 and so deserves a mention. Here is a cool piece that she did recently while doing a live streaming broadcast.

Organic by ChewedKandi

Also a new piece which features an amazing model.  ME!  ChewedKandi did this as part of my leaving present for my current job (I work with Outovsyt so he got Shar to work her magic).  I absolutely love this and it will become a permanent feature of my profile page.

Who's the Daddy? by ChewedKandi

I also have to thank ChewedKandi for the sheer volume of traffic that is coming my way due to her permlink awesomeness on her journals.  Hopefully some of you people stopping by will look at my stuff and maybe like something.  If so let me know and I will have a little warm feeling of happiness :D

What else has been happening?

Well the top secret hush hush web project that N1ghtf4ll3r Stiffanoid and myself are working on is moving along nicely. I have to say a BIG thanks to Marcus as he is doing a lot of the work on this right now due to his knowledge of the way of the Interwebnet and how to make it do things :D. Also he's very good at interpreting what I want and then making it possible.  Cheers dude hope the leg gets better soon.

I'm hoping we'll be able to do some low key announcement about it all soon (some of you know what it is already) and we will be looking for some willing volunteers to do a bit of beta testing.  I wish I could say more right now but all will become clear soon...

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Nearly at the 1000 Mark

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 9, 2009, 2:51 AM
Catch my 1000th and get a feature.  Simple as!

Note me with a screeny of the 1000th and I'll give you a lovely big feature.

Also theres a chance that the 1000th won't be caught so if you're within a couple of the 1000 mark note me anyhow and I'll feature you in the event that no-one catches it.

That it all.

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Whitley Bay Devmeet 29/08/09

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2009, 2:53 AM
Had an awesome day even though the weather kept promising to ruin it all.

Lost Nigerian Pirates doing whatever the ship equivalents of handbrake turns and donuts.
Football Rounders - We won. Nuff said.
The 'is it lit yet BBQ' that refused to light until we threatened to buy a load of ignition fluid (which we did anyway for a laugh)
N1ghtf4ll3r and Lauinav braving the north sea to have a swim...

Trillians and beyond...
Afterwards a number of us went to Trillians (to mainly watch American Dad it seems) and then Stiffanoid and I ended up in Legends until about closing time. Needless to say some of us were a bit worse for wear on Sunday morning (thats Stiffanoid not me. I was fine!)

Either way here's a quick thing I chucked together from the pics on my camera (I think ChewedKandi took the Sand Angel and possibly the hidden Wheels-Of-Joy pics).

NEUK at Whitley Bay 29.08.09 by svendo

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Journal SvenJournal = new Journal();

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2009, 10:31 AM
Hallo Matey Peeps!

I started my new job on Monday and after reading solidly for the 1st 3 days (an MSDN course book on C# .NET programming, a 1 week course) I finally did some code writing today.  Opened the little guide book to learn to develop my first Sage200 Add-in to realise that the book gives all its example in Visual Basic, so not only am I having to work through the book taking the example and expanding it to fit my needs but I'm also having to translate VB into C#. Oh well...

After several hours of coding away building a form that will produce a list, filter it and then sort it my boss says "Now here's the easy way!" and shows me how to drop in a prebuilt Sage object that does it all for me.  Bah! Still you have to experience the rough to appreciate the smooth.

If Date = 27/08/09 then ("Rock Out");
Anyway - Next Thurday (27TH of AUGUST), BALL OF MAYHEM (my band don't you know) is playing at THE CLUNY.  It is for Charity and so it would be amazing if everyone could pile down and see some cool live music. I think the line up is now:
The Mudskippers;
The Devitos;
The Bubble Project.

£4 on the door or you can buy tickets in advance from The Cluny.

Me = 1000 Pageviews!
Looks like I'm generating some interest in the old dA world now and I'm fast approaching the first milestone of 1000 pageviews (I sadly claimed view 666 for myself).

You know the drills catch it and I'll do a special feature thing and will big you up as much as possible.

If Inspiration = Null then (ask people);
I'm running out of ideas for stuff to photographerize. Give me some suggestions of what you'd like to see from me next.  Check out the Poll and give me ideas.  Obviously saying Wildlife and then saying Crocodiles is going to be difficult.  Also if you fancy sitting for some attempted portrait stuff give me a shout as I'd love to have a go at it.

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